BarCamp Milwaukee

BarCamp Milwaukee

What is BarCamp?

Once there was this thing called Foo Camp - a gathering of the tech elites by special invite of Tim O'Reilly. It was a pretty cool participant-driven event, but it was invite only. [Boo - hiss!]

In 2005, someone thought:

Just because you weren't invited, doesn't mean you shouldn't get the benefit of an awesome gathering like this.

BarCamp (as in foobar) was born! BarCamps are participant-driven technical events located all over the world (like Milwaukee). These not-for-profit, inclusive events are open to anyone, invite or not! (Most require registration for planning purposes.)

Ok - fine - cool - but what does participant-driven mean? What actually happens at a BarCamp?

What Happens @ BarCamp?

What happens at BarCamp does not stay at BarCamp!

Since BarCamp is a participant-driven event, we can't say for certain what happens. But, there are some generally predictable things that happen.

In the morning, participants interested in presenting a topic should find the planning wall and place a sticky-note in a time-slot with their topic title and name.

Then, before each presentation, everyone checks the planning wall and attends a location/talk that they wish.

Didn't find any that you like? That's ok - find a spot - grab some people - and make your own talk. It can be a presentation, a round-table, a discussion or even a show-and-tell.

Bring your sleeping bag! BarCamp Milwaukee runs overnight (probably) - for a 2 day event (most likely) - but we'll have more details later!

Why Should I Go?

Let's answer a question with a question: Who goes to BarCamp?

In a word: everyone!

You're going to find technical programmers, community activists, product managers, business owners, music aficionados, artists, geeks, gamers - just everyone.

Everyone who attends BarCamp has a passion to learn, to share, and to grow professionally or personally.

Why should you go? It's simple. You want to learn, you want to share, you want to inspire and be inspired.

And most importantly, this unique event needs you! As a community and participant driven event, this is for you, by you.

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It's time to get involved. Please join the discussion and register to attend!


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Register to Attend

Registration is required but the event is free. There is a space limit, so please cancel your registration if you can not make it.

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